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Telematics is the combination of telecommunications and IT to track a subject's positioning or transmit useful information about it. Subjects can be anything that moves or you need information from, such as vehicles, machines, electronic terminal and even livestock and people - the possibilities are endless. Telematics is commonly used by transport organisations to track and analyse their vehicle movements/performance, vending machine companies for statistics and empty machine warnings and much more.

At Citibell, we can advise on how best to deploy Telematics across your business in a cost effective manner.

What Can It Do...
Organisations that have fleets of mobile workers, vehicles or assets in transit can combat the inefficiency and abuse which leads to loss of productivity.

Managers can track an employee’s whereabouts via their mobile phone, or monitor information such as a driver’s speed, route, stops, braking and even how many times a door opens on a company vehicle.

Telematics systems are often integrated with mobile voice to provide features like reliable in-vehicle communication.

It can also increase safety through in-vehicle panic buttons and real time location tracking from the office.
What Are The Benefits?
Telematics forms the backbone of tracking and anti-theft systems which protect assets and proactively drive down insurance costs.

Management becomes easier when in-depth, factual information is at hand allowing you to control use and curb abuse.

Telematics reports can improve planning, highlight route anomalies, identify unauthorised use and driver abuse, track driver timesheets, and provide proof of delivery.

Real time information means your vehicles can be deployed more effectively so you can respond to customers more quickly.

Better fleet management leads to savings on fuel, time and the myriad of related expenses, as well as the obvious security benefits
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