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BlackBerry is the first choice mobile email solution for people on the move. With BlackBerry you gain the ability to instantly send and receive email, and make calendar and notes entries as if you are sat at a desk. In fact, your recipients need not know that you aren’t. The handsets are simple to use for phone and email, they will synchronise with your desktop applications, such as Outlook, and you can view and send attachments too.

Make use of lost time in your day. BlackBerry will enable you to be productive and make use of otherwise wasted time, such as, on a train, waiting for a meeting riding in a car, or even at home in the evening. The cost and efficiency savings can be significant and Enterprise BlackBerry costs as little as £10 per month.

BlackBerry has several different handheld devices that work with either Internet or Enterprise email. One is to suit POP3 or IMAP email and the other a enterprise server based installation that has unlimited scalability. The enterprise version interfaces with Exchange, Lotus Domino or Novell GroupWise and is instantly synchronised both ways with your desktop.

The latest BlackBerry models feature 3G, WiFi and GPS Navigation, are more powerful than ever before, but as easy as ever to use.
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