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Overview BlackBerry Windows Mobile Blackverry vs W.Mobile Telemetry Solutions
While Microsoft finally appears to be getting its act together with Windows Mobile, it certainly is yet to break the Blackberry stranglehold. The latest version, Windows Mobile 6, brings Microsoft a lot closer to Blackberry, but we feel the Blackberry still has the edge. Microsoft will offer you a better media capability and office applications in your pocket, but if what you want is uncluttered bomb-proof email and contact management, Blackberry is probably the first choice.

You can take your time to browse through the comparisons pages of this section where we elaborate on the matter and hopefully make some sense of the confusion between the two.

We have compared the most pertinent elements of the choice between Blackberry and Windows mobile.
Overview Ease of Use Email & Attachment Support Web Browsing Multimedia Third-Part Apps Speed and Battery Life Overall
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